WHY SUPPORT Canadian Woman Magazine?


• Making history.Canada’s First Native and Ethnic Women’s Lifestyle Magazine.Never before has a major Canadian women’s life style magazine achieved this.

• A voice for Canada’s Native and Ethnic women

• Revolutionizing how Native and Ethnic women look,think and feel about themselves.

• Our focus is on a collectively diverse group of women . Not one particular cultural group.

• A true picture of beauty ‘Real Women’ of all shapes,shades and diverse ethnicities.

• Strengthening connections to culture and identity through the sharing of stories and experiences.

• A platform for Native and Ethnic women to advocate for change(locally,nationally &internationally).

• Increased personal and professional development opportunities for Native and Ethnic women across a range of industries (E.g.fashion,media and business).

• Unique insights into Canadian Woman Magazine’s target audience.

• Helping to ‘close the gap’ ‘multicultural’ policies and other national agendas