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Since the first issue was published in 1867, Harper’s BAZAAR has set the standard for fashion magazines while helping style-conscious women define their look. With beautiful photographs, fashion advice, beauty tips, and interviews with everyone’s favorite celebrities and designers, it’s the go-to style magazine for women and fashion lovers of all ages.

Each issue is organized into sections that include: “The List,” which is divided into special sections that cover the fashion trends that are coming up, and who wears it best; “The Bazaar” is like walking into a clothing store with outfits laid out for your pleasure, featuring the looks that fit a theme, and styles of the moment; “The Style” is your shopping guide so you can make more informed buying decisions; “The Extras” round out any look with jewelry, handbags, and the tops items of the season; “The News” brings you the latest stories that matter in the fashion industry; and “Beauty Bazaar,” which is the beauty aisle in your hands, featuring products, tips and tricks to make looking glamorous 24/7 a breeze.

Readers of Harper’s BAZAAR will also find what’s “In Every Issue” new and exciting, with features like: “Welcome to the Issue,” “Must-Haves,” “Horoscope,” “Fabulous at Every Age,” “Where to Buy,” and “Beauty Need to Know.” Each issue also puts the focus on a particular celebrity or fashion figure, plus other special editorial features such as: “Fabulous at Every Age,” “BAZAAR Loves,” “The Beauty Issue,” and “The First of Fall” to name a few.

Both a visual muse and an unrivaled source of own-able style, confident and style-loving readers will enjoy a subscription to Harper’s BAZAAR magazine!