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There’s one Hollywood trend Hilary Duff can’t get on board with. The actress knows it’s trendy, but she refuses to cave to peer pressure. She’s just too obsessed with it to give it up.

“I drink cow’s milk; it’s so rebellious. I feel like everyone’s like, cow’s milk?!” she laughs, leaning back in her chair and clutching her chest in mock horror. “But I love it.”

Nowadays, with the rise of paleo and other diets, it seems more popular than ever to cut out sugar, dairy and carbs. The Younger star eats the first two in moderation, and tries to limit carbs as much as possible, though she’s not opposed to treating herself at the end of the day, or during a special occasion — like having a glass of Stella Artois at the party she hosted with the brand last night.

Just before the party started, sat down with the singer, actress and mom to find out what fuels her throughout a typical day — which can involve filming until 5 in the morning, as it had the night before — and get the story behind the secret ingredient in her chocolate cake.