What has been done for the women


Many things have been done for women in South Africa. Take for example the commemoration of the Women’s March that is held every year. But even things as the Bill of Rights have had great impact on the women in South Africa. Though many things have been done for the women in South Africa, they still are treated lesser than men but also than white women. Even as this hasn’t improved, these things have had a positive effect on how women are treated around that area. In this way think about how little girls can now have an education without having to be afraid of going to school. But not only the direct causes, also think about projects in which things against AIDS are done. By helping to do things against this disease, organizations are making sure that the children – girls and boys – get a chance to actually try to get a normal life. Because some of them are born with this disease. here are many organisations that work on women’s issues. During the negotiations, an organisation called the Women’s National Coalition worked very hard throughout the country collecting women’s views on the country they would like to see. This culminated in women from different political parties becoming part of the political negotiations in South Africa. It also led to the development of the National Gender Policy Framework and the establishment of the (initially) Office of the Status of Women, now the Women’s Ministry and the Commission for Gender Equality. The big organisation that was formed in 2006 to accommodate women from all political organs and walks of life is the Progressive Women’s Movement of South Africa (PWMSA)