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lakeeran punjabi movie release

Lakeeran To Be Released In Canada

Wonderland Productions’ Family, Fun-Filled Romantic Drama Lakeeran To Release Worldwide On October 21st From the… Read more »


Astrology and its effects on humans

Astrology on humans Astrology for Humans can be subdivided into following Subsets Jatak: The natal… Read more »


Holistic Living Expert and Astro Sciences Extraordinaire – Dr. Larra Shah re-visits Vancouver

Larra Shah is a well-known name in India as a Holistic Healer, Researcher, and practitioner in… Read more »


Larra Shah video

Dr. Larra Shah – An Expert in Holistic Sciences

Dr. Larra Shah is an Aura Therapy Expert, researcher & practitioner in Vedic Therapies and… Read more »

Using A Dumbbell To Exercise By The Beach

Busting Myths about Exercising

There’s no shortage of myths when it comes to exercise, especially when we discuss women… Read more »


Does Dieting Mean Sacrificing Taste?

So many people view dieting as some sort of cosmic punishment for not having the… Read more »


Truths about Cereal

For decades, Canadians have been duped into thinking that breakfast cereal is indeed a part… Read more »


Brazilian Butt Lift in 5 minutes Workout

Lift and tone your butt in five minutes with these exercises. Brazilian women are famous… Read more »


Anita Sharmia

Meet Matchmaker Anita Sharma

SURREY – The old saying that marriages are made in Heaven may be true but… Read more »


Food Porn

Vancity Asian delices   Vancouver’s Chinatown has the history, but the suburb of Richmond is… Read more »


Transparent Makeup For Dark Skin

Choosing African Canadian Transparent Makeup Use a dab of concealer to cover blemishes, but do not try… Read more »


Asian/ South Asian Beauty

Working with Your Natural Asian Beauty The best tip of all is to work to… Read more »


Stephen “Ragga: Marley Kicks Off His U.S. Headlingin Tour

Throughout April and May, the Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and producer Stephen “Ragga” Marley will headline… Read more »


Job text on paper hole

Creating the Perfect Resume

For advice on how to put together a great résumé, we talked to two veteran… Read more »


Profiling Top Women in Business: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey, 44 Chairman and CEO Harpo Entertainment Group Oprah’s power is her influence–over the… Read more »


Profiling Top Women in Business: Yang Lan

One of the most powerful women in Chinese media. Often called China’s Oprah – Lan… Read more »